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Invigorating spring soup with leurda and nettles

Invigorating spring soup with leurda and nettles

Leurda and nettles are selected from impurities and washed in several waters, put in a sieve to drain.

In a saucepan add 2 liters of water and a little salt and when the water boils, blanch the leurda and nettles for 2 minutes.

We take them out and leave them in a sieve to drain.

Separately, in a soup pot add the oil, sauté the diced onion, add half a cup of vegetable stock and let it simmer for 2 minutes.

Add the rice and half a liter of soup, leave it on the fire until the rice is well cooked.

Take the pot off the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes.

We chop the nettles and leurda and add them to the pot.

With a vertical blender, turn the contents into a cream, adding the rest of the stock according to the desired consistency.

You can also add vegetable cream, I left it like that.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Season according to preferences, I preferred it in the original version. It is very fragrant and does not require other spices.

Serve with toast both cold and hot.

Good appetite!

Popeye's ally

Spinach is not in vain associated with Popeye the Sailor. Indicated in children and adults during convalescence, spinach is a true ally of the immune system. It contains iron, potassium, folic acid, calcium, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, vitamins C, E and K and can be eaten raw, in salads, as well as in soups or cooked, preferably with garlic. Because it is on the market for short periods, you can freeze it, raw, and keep it for at least 6 months.

Although not included in the category of greens, the following foods are mandatory in the spring to restore the immune system: garlic, ginger, fish, lemon, blueberries, beets.

Leurda, the plant of the third millennium. Eating ideas from leurd



"Primarily because it is a forest plant, being rather wild," says the nutritionist. HERE NOW Cristina Mercea - and because he surprised scientists with eits extraordinary effects on the heart, blood vessels, digestion, as well as on the immune and endocrine systems.’.

Really, leurda, also called "bear's garlic" because it is the favorite plant of this animal in the spring, helping it to make the transition from hibernation to the active period. It is considered stronger than garlic l , about which scientists are unanimous in appreciating its beneficial effects, considering it one of the most powerful natural medicines.

"I recommend that this plant be consumed throughout the spring. It is found in markets and not in the supermarket because it is harvested directly from oak, beech or ash forests where it grows in disrepair, away from pesticides and herbicides, which keeps all its therapeutic properties unaltered "- adds the nutritionist.

’’Wild garlic fluidizes the blood and is a antiplatelet agent and a welcome alternative to allopathic rheumatism treatments if consumed in the form of juice, on an empty stomach in the morning, in cures of at least 20 days, adds and Anca Daniela Raiciu , doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, stating that a single glass of this liqueur is enough to install these effects.

For patients who have suffered a stroke, I recommend doing a leurd cure for two weeks, in the form of a salad, seasoned with lemon and olive oil. I assume that everyone knows how to use fresh leurda, namely to wash the leaves and stems of the plant very well as they can have soil on them from harvest, then cut them with a ceramic knife. Indeed, leurda has a smell quite similar to garlic, although not as strong, and does not give the breath the specific smell we fear. The plant is well tolerated by the liver, '' he points out Daniela Raiciu.

Chemical engineer Ștefan Manea from HOFIGAL He also advocates the use of leurde, praising its anti-cholesterol properties and beneficial effects on the skin:

"Because the plant is rich in adenosine and prevents the formation of thrombi, having an effect on lowering blood pressure, I recommend it to heart patients, those suffering from ischemia, tachycardia, arrhythmias. About It's the anti-aging effects Recent discoveries have been made by German scientists. The juice of the plant is a wonderful depurative elixir and is effective in treating psoriasis, acne and skin diseases that occur on the background of a body laden with waste. ''

"Let your imagination also contribute to the ingenious use of leurde as an ingredient in various dishes . You can prepare a cream of vegetable soup in which to add two or three bundles of leurd that you will pass together with the rest of the ingredients, or use it for a table of whole spaghetti that you can season with a pesto sauce of two bundles of leurd, three tablespoons of olive oil, a few tablespoons of yogurt and salt.

Wild garlic fits glove and a salad of hard boiled eggs, cheese, bread croutons and olive oil. You can also make the spinach prepared using it with leurd, just as you can with nettles.

In fact, imagination is what helps you intuit how many ways you can use leurda, a plant that manages to remove the harmful effects of nicotine and smoking being a means of detoxification and protection excellent ’’, he concludes nutritionist Cristina Mercea.

Spring packages with Nettles and Leurda

Soak each rice leaf in water for 10 seconds (count to 10), place the rice leaf on a baking sheet, add 1 tablespoon of nettle puree, sprinkle with fresh leurda and start rolling.

Roll the first edge 2 times, overlap the side edges and continue rolling (the procedure is similar to rolling sarmales).

Put a baking paper in a baking tray, place the rolls, sprinkle with olive oil and bake in the preheated oven at high temperature for 20 minutes.

Remove the rolls from the tray, place them on a plate and sprinkle with soy sauce.

I wish you good appetite!
"Spring packages" or "spring rolls" are very common in the cuisine of oriental peoples. The name comes from the custom that exists to celebrate every year the sowing of cereals with a food that used all the vegetables that were found in spring, filling them with rolls. The rolls consist of a thin layer of dough made of rice, the so-called rice sheets or rice paper, which are filled with various mixtures, rolled, fried in hot oil and served with soy sauce. The mixtures used to fill these rolls differ from one country to another and even from one region to another, for example in China they are filled with shrimp or fried duck pieces or with a mixture of vegetables consisting of carrots, green onions. , mung bean sprouts.

Spring lunch: Risotto with leurda and shrimp

First I put the oil in a large diameter pan (for better evaporation) and I hardened very little onion and garlic (finely chopped). I added over the rice and hardened lightly, until the rice grain became opaque and began to spread a sweet odor.
Then I extinguished with wine and began to add, polish with polish soup. I also now added shrimp.

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It is important now to add the soup slowly. First of all, you have to heat it a little and leave the pot next to the rice one. Put one polish at a time and stir occasionally in the rice. Add the next soup polish only after the previous one has been absorbed.

When the rice is cooked, add the chopped leurda, butter and parmesan. Stir until the composition binds, the butter and parmesan melt and serve immediately!

Top spring foods for weight loss

Spring is the ideal season to renew your eating habits and, of course, your figure! Slowly, slowly, markets are beginning to be extraordinary sources of fresh greens, green leafy vegetables and, later, fragrant and low-calorie fruits.

Among the most valuable spring greens are especially the wild ones, which grow spontaneously as soon as the snow melts. Nettles, dandelion leaves, leurda and spinach are bombs of vitamins that nature offers you to vitaminize and tone your body after a hard winter.

LadyFIT spring diet

The LadyFIT spring diet is a flexible model of a balanced menu, as I understand that we women should eat. Portions should of course be tailored to the individual nutritional need and this diet does not take the place of a counseling session with a nutritionist or doctor. But it can be a good starting point in building an orderly food program based on whole foods. Here is what I suggest you try this spring for a harmonious and healthy body:

The LadyFIT diet is a balanced program of flexible eating, depending on your preferences. It is a program focused on the idea of ​​sustainability and natural, in order to focus customers' attention on the quality of food consumed and not on calories.

  • the portion of meat should be about half a palm
  • the portion of fish should be slightly smaller than a palm
  • serving of rice, quinoa, pasta, corn should be 40-50 g before cooking
  • the portion of chickpeas, lentils, foul and other legumes should be 100-150 g after boiling
  • portion of potato, sweet potato & # 8211 100-150 g
  • The portion of bread, wasa, finn crisp, rice slices should be 40-50 g
  • vegetables should be eaten free, at least 200 g per serving
  • fruits should be eaten in a mixture, 150-250 g per day
  • dairy products should be consumed in moderation, selecting dairy products with a moderate fat content (3-15%)
  • eggs should come from chickens raised on the ground, organic, can be eaten up to 4-6 eggs per week
  • the portion of nuts, seeds, almonds is about 30 g
  • you should drink 40 ml of water per kilogram & # 8211 if you have 60 kg you should drink 2.4 liters of water (plain or mineral) per day

And now, my spring proposals for the LadyFIT diet:

  1. a boiled egg, a slice of urda, peppers, radishes, green olives, 2 wasa
  2. a box of cottage cheese, 2 finn crisp, 1/3 avocado, Lebanese parsley salad with tomatoes and sumak
  3. a coconut yogurt, 4 tablespoons barley flakes, a tablespoon of cranberries / raisins
  4. 150 g light cottage cheese with a pepper, a cucumber, 5 cherries and 4 crisp finns
  5. 5 tablespoons muesli / oats / buckwheat flakes, with a kefir / yogurt / healthy 2% fat, a fruit
  6. omelette 2 eggs with vegetables (onion, pepper, baby spinach, mushrooms) with lettuce and a slice of black bread
  7. a boiled egg, 2 tablespoons hummus, 5 olives, a pepper, a slice of black bread

  1. two fruits to choose from
  2. protein smoothie (a cup of coconut milk and almonds, 2 tablespoons of chia, 2 tablespoons berries, vegan protein mix if necessary)
  3. 1-2 pieces of baked falafel with carrot salad, lime and green parsley (good combination, literally)
  4. blueberries with a handful of nuts
  5. a banana with cashews
  6. a slice of light cottage cheese with a bell pepper
  7. an orange with 30 g coconut flakes

  1. a large Polish soup of vegetable / tomato / pea / spinach / loboda cream, a piece about half a palm of salmon / squid / cuttlefish / octopus / turkey / chicken / pork tenderloin / grilled beef with cabbage salad with grated carrot and a baked potato
  2. a large Polish of tomato / spinach / bird / chicken / lentil / vegetable cream soup, a tuna salad: lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, green olives, capers, 3 tablespoons sweet corn without added sugar, tuna in water the preserve
  3. 15 tablespoons pea dish with carrot or spinach sautee or nettle dish with a piece as big as half a handful of chicken / pork tenderloin / grilled beef, a slice of black bread
  4. A portion of grilled vegetables (zucchini, peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, asparagus, red onions), a piece about half a palm of beef or pork tenderloin or duck breast without apparent fat, 2 wasa
  5. a piece as big as half a palm of beef, mutton chops or pork tenderloin without apparent fat on the grill or oven, a slice of black bread and broccoli / spinach / cauliflower / pumpkin or asparagus, mushrooms, nettles, endives
  6. 10 tablespoons chickpea food with spinach with a piece as half a palm of turkey or chicken and 5 tablespoons taboulleh salad
  7. 10 tablespoons green bean meal / nettle meal / stevia meal / spinach meal / cauliflower meal / mushroom meal with a piece as big as half a baked chicken or beef palm and 5 tablespoons beetroot salad

2. a box of pearl cheese with sour cream, 2 crisp finns and a kapia pepper

3. a piece of cold grill with 5 cherry tomatoes and 2 crisp finns

4. two carrots with 2 tablespoons of hummus

5. a soy yogurt with a tablespoon of blueberries

7. 3 tablespoons berries with a tablespoon of almond flakes

  1. Greek salad made with light telemea: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, olives, red onions, 50 g of telemea
  2. 10 tablespoons sauteed green beans with a piece as big as half a palm of chicken / turkey meat
  3. a portion of grilled mackerel / mackerel / sardines with spring salad garnish: lettuce, baby spinach, sorrel, leurda, dill, radish, green onions, lemon juice
  4. a serving of spinach / mushrooms / green beans / nettles / stevia / asparagus / grilled zucchini / broccoli / cauliflower / endive / assorted salad with everything and a piece as much as half a palm grilled chicken / turkey / catch fish
  5. a serving of sauteed or grilled assorted vegetables and 3-4 tablespoons of hummus on fat peppers and 2 wasas

Don't forget to exercise - it takes 3-4 hours of exercise a week to be able to mobilize metabolic processes and be healthy. Whether you exercise at home or go to a gym, learn to enjoy the exercises, to do them with joy and gratitude for your body, not as a punishment.

It is not comfortable for anyone to do sports at first, but little by little things become simpler and more natural, muscle fever disappears and you begin to understand what your body is doing and how to coordinate.

If you feel that you want to work together, you can find me at LadyFIT for exercise and diet programs or online, for distance learning programs, for those who do not live in Bucharest.

The & # 8222 LadyFIT online diet & # 8221 diet and exercise program includes a telephone counseling session, a personalized diet based on it (taking into account food preferences, work schedule, budget and time restrictions), daily monitoring on whatsapp and home exercise program. It costs 350 lei per month.

The healthiest spring greens: leurda, nettles, spinach

Leurda helps immunity, regulates blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol

Leurda or wild garlic is a food-medicine rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur.

Supports the immune system, has carminative, diuretic, deworming, antiviral and antibiotic properties, due to its allicin content. It helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, regulates blood sugar levels and, like most sulfur-rich foods, has a strong detoxifying effect.

In order to preserve its nutritional properties, it is ideal to eat it raw or cooked as little as possible.

It can be consumed as such in salads, nutritious bowls, pies, omelettes, sandwiches, etc.

Breastfeeding women should avoid eating leurd, as this can change the taste of milk. People with gastric disorders should also eat leurd with caution!

Hummus recipe with leurd

In 5 minutes I prepared a humus full of nutrients and a few colors ingredient:

  • A cup of chickpeas (I used boiled, in a jar)
  • A handful of leurd
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • Two tablespoons of tahini (sesame paste)
  • Salt pepper
  • Thyme (optional)

Method of preparation: put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until the desired consistency is obtained.

Careful! It is an unexpectedly hot preparation, due to the strong aroma of wild garlic.

Nettles contain iron and stimulate digestion

In the top of my preferences remain nettles and leurda, for the extraordinary benefits brought to the body, ideal to eat raw or as little as possible cooked.

Nettle is rich in: vitamins, especially A, beta-carotene C and E, folic acid, minerals (sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, sulfur) and secretin, a substance that stimulates digestion.

Nettle pesto sauce recipe


  • 4 cups raw or scalded nettles 2 minutes
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • Lemon juice
  • Olive oil
  • 100 g pine or walnut seeds

Method of preparation: give all the ingredients through a blender. Because we are fasting, I do not add Parmesan.

This sauce is ideal to add to salads, over pasta or with a slice of mayonnaise bread served so simply.

For the raw salad, rub the leaves well with salt, then add lemon juice, olive oil, two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds.

To get rid of the "thorns", the nettles are put in cold water for an hour, after which they are rinsed in several waters.

Careful! Do not use ripe nettles, as they can cause both external and internal irritation!

Spinach, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals

Spinach is a food rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid, C, E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, manganese, potassium). It also contains a lot of iron, but is non-hemic, different from hemic in foods of animal origin, which has a much higher bioavailability.

Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of iron from spinach - for example, lemon juice can be added to salads.

Beta-carotene is not only found in red, orange or yellow vegetables and fruits, but also in green ones. The highest concentration is found in spinach and kale. To benefit from this nutrient, it is important to add good fats (avocado, nuts, ground flax seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, olive oil, hemp).

A raw baby spinach salad with chopped avocado, lemon juice, a handful of hydrated nuts is the simplest and fastest way to provide the body with all the nutrients mentioned above. Always choose young spinach!

Spinach muffins are very successful among children, they are very filling and useful to take at the office, in the car, as a snack after training, etc.

Ingredients for 12 muffins:

  • two cups of broken spinach by hand
  • 150 g wholemeal flour or gluten-free flour, according to preference
  • 80 ml unsweetened cow's or vegetable milk, according to preference
  • two tablespoons of olive oil
  • two eggs
  • 100 g grated Parmesan or hard cheese
  • A teaspoon of baking powder

Method of preparation:

  • Mix the ingredients until smooth
  • Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius
  • They are put in molds or in a muffin tray.
  • Leave in the oven for 15 minutes.

Millet recipe with spinach and turmeric

I always opt for the simplest and fastest options, and when it comes to spinach, I am no exception.

Heat a frying pan, add a teaspoon of coconut oil, green onions. Add a cup of sliced ​​mushrooms and leave for 5 minutes over high heat, without a lid.

Then add half a cup of boiled millet mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. Serve with lime juice and fresh greens (parsley, dill, basil, coriander, to taste).

Invigorating spring soup with leurda and nettles - Recipes

Spring detoxification: And you can have a young and flexible body with the help of green juices.

We often think that exercising is enough to have a healthy body and we forget that what we put in our stomach is extremely important to visit discreet investigations. Everyday foods not only build our body (you know the famous saying "You are what you eat.") But they also influence the way we live each day, the vitality and even the flexibility of the body. That is why we want to recommend you some recipes for green juices, especially since it is spring and nature offers us so generously a rich variety of plants.

Spring detoxification.

Spring is a good opportunity to cleanse our body of toxins and to recharge with vitamins from the green richness of nature. Nothing is better than a diet with juices or salads of nettles, pennies, parsley, leurda or green shoots.
A diet based on raw foods and especially on greens, requires a lot of exercise, because exercise stimulates metabolic functions and intensifies the natural cleansing functions. But detoxification does not only mean adding greens to the diet but also excluding those foods that have led to overloading the body. It is advisable to remove salt, additives, artificial sweeteners, sugar, coffee or alcohol from the diet during detoxification. If we do not remove all these elements from the diet, the detoxification process will be difficult and with poor results.

How long should detoxification last?

In order for the spring detoxification to take place optimally and to have results, it would be best to keep the diet with greens for at least two weeks. Depending on the strength of personal will, the goals we set and our health, detoxification can take between two and four weeks.

Diets of juices and green salads

Here are some excellent recipes for detoxification and remineralization.

Detoxifying and remineralizing stinging nettle.

Nettles are invigorating because they stimulate the production of red blood cells, leukocytes and platelets. Especially if we suffer from anemia, or we have a deficiency of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, nettles are very helpful, because they contain a lot of iron.
The nettle cure is good for detoxification but also for regenerating the body. It is great for hypocalcemia, in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and dermatoses. Nettle stew is much stronger than nettle infusion or food, so it is used in health cures.
For this recipe you need 1 kg of young nettles. After picking or buying them, clean and wash them well. Boil two liters of water and add the nettles only when the water boils. Boil for 10 minutes then leave to cool and squeeze well through a gauze. The liquid obtained is stored in the refrigerator and drunk during the day.

Detoxifying and remineralizing parsley juice

The detoxifying power of parsley is due to the fact that the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, flavonoids and aromatic compounds it contains are very easy to assimilate.
To obtain parsley juice, take a handful of freshly picked parsley leaves, which are placed in a blender, together with the stems. Then add enough water to cover the parsley. You can also add the juice of half a lemon.

Toning leurda juice so antioxidant

Leurda is a plant that resembles pearl but smells like garlic. Leurda has many properties and is also a wonderful tonic. It is very good for the health of the digestive system, restoring the intestinal flora and helping to eliminate intestinal parasites.
How to prepare: chop a bunch of leurda, then pour over it two glasses of warm water. Leave it to soak for a few hours, then strain it and keep the liquid obtained cold. It is recommended that this juice be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. This cure should not be taken for more than a week.

Detoxifying juice of green shoots.

Because green shoots contain chlorophyll, they are very good at detoxifying the body. When we talk about green shoots, we refer to: parsley, leurda, uzici, dandelion and loboda. A diet of green shoots helps the body to fill all the deficiencies, detoxifies the body, regulates intestinal transit and slows down the aging process.
This juice is prepared from 20-30 shoots from various green plants. Wash and chop. Then put in a blender, add water and mix the contents well. Then filter everything through a gauze. The juice should be drunk immediately.

We hope that these recipes have convinced you to start spring detoxification and we wish you much success!

Grandma's recipes, interpreted by chefs. How to cook nettles, spinach or leurda

Nettles, stevia, leurda, spinach - these are just some of the wonders that, during this period, provide us with a real portion of health, on a plate! And the chefs in the restaurants have not forgotten their grandparents' recipes, which they combine with new ingredients, and delight their guests with real culinary delights, rich in vitamins.

Such menus are increasingly appreciated, especially now during Lent.

The chefs of the restaurants start their mornings in the market where, at the first hour, they supply the greenery - they get the contact of leurda with 50 bani, and the kilogram of nettles with a lion. They then return to the kitchens and compete in dishes with seasonal ingredients.

"The nettles are scalded, removed, pan-fried and soaked in olive oil and garlic."

The common nettle thus becomes a delight. And the price is not stinging. A portion ends up costing, for example, 15 lei. And more sophisticated dishes can reach up to 30 lei.

"Pesto de leurda with radish and leek sprouts, but also with almond bread. It is an easy-to-digest food, very healthy and tasty."

But the dessert also has flavor. spring! Some confectioners decorate cakes with edible flowers, such as violins or crocodile flowers.

Oana Coanta, bistro owner: "They give us a shot of vitamins now for spring. We can make bruschettas with pesto. We don't talk about soups anymore, we make soups and borscht based on greens and permanently the soup ends in 3-4 hours. And in both ways there are countless variations. "

Such green menus mean a portion of health, doctors say.

Iulia Gotia: "It counteracts the state of spring asthenia, anemias, they are very good for blood circulation and contain a lot of mineral vitamins. It is very important that greens are consumed in spring, when they appear, when they are fresh."

For example, nettles are rich in magnesium, spinach contains, among other things, iron and calcium, and leurda fluidizes blood circulation and helps treat insomnia.

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