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Pranna: good place

Pranna: good place

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Went to Pranna recently on a Sunday night - $25 fixed price menu was a great deal, but surprisingly, the place was deserted. one of the best cocktails I've ever had. Would highly recommend giving it a try.

Satay Is the Star at Pranna

You arrive in the main dining room, notice the good distance between your table and the others, sink into a cushiony chair and shout to your companions that Pranna in some ways cares about your comfort. But then the thumping music that made you shout in the first place swells even louder, and you’re not thinking about tamarind and cumin. You’re thinking about Tylenol and a cool compress.

You peruse the wines by the glass, spot selections with real personality from the Jura and the Loire, and reflect that Pranna may be more earnest than its multitiered, built-for-volume, conventionally shimmering setting suggests. Then you order one — and wait nearly 15 minutes for your server, who keeps muttering vaguely about a backed-up bar, to bring it to you.

What is Pranna, exactly? A vast nightclub and party space where dinner just happens to be an option? Or a serious Southeast Asian restaurant trapped in a gilded maze that can accommodate more than 400 guests?

According to its Web site, much of the menu was the outgrowth of eating that the chef, Chai Trivedi, did while traveling — often on motorcycle — through Thailand, Vietnam, India and other countries in that part of the world.

But neither fuel, nor a helmet nor a passport would seem to be prerequisites for the preparation of unimaginative entrees like stir-fried chicken ($22) and a rib-eye for two ($55).

More impressive, though gimmicky, is the restaurant’s trademark assortment of satays, skewered meats and fishes presented with a variety of dipping sauces, including sour mandarin galangal and sweet lemongrass caramel. I liked the swordfish satay ($11) best.

But while these got dinner off to a promising start, a bitter end came in the form of a server who disappeared for a good 20 minutes without asking about dessert or dropping the check.

How To Draw The Cho Ku Rei

Tibetan Buddhist Healing Symbol: Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei, or Choku Rei, is a symbol which has enormous healing power.

It can be used for healing on yourself or on others. It can be used in the immediate situation, to treat people who are present, or it can be used for absent healing.

I use the Cho Ku Rei as part of my own Spiritual Healing Technique. Choku Rei can be used to enhance the effect of ‘the laying on of hands’ as well as in various types of mental and spiritual healing.

How To Draw The Cho Ku Rei:

The Cho Ku Rei can be drawn in two ways: You can begin the initial opening line in towards the centre from the left, or from the right. If you are performing it on yourself, on the forehead, beginning it on the left and heading towards the centre will increase the healing energy. Drawn the other way, from the right hand side in helps one to focus on the God energy: drawn this way can be interpreted as ‘God Is Here’.

So – begin on the left side of your brow, several inches up above the left eye. With your index finger, draw the symbol in towards the centre of your brow, directly above the nose.

Now, without lifting your finger, or your pen if you are drawing it on paper, bring the movement down in a sraight line until your finger is between the eye-brow centre.

Now you begin the spiral, the corkscrew movement: In one regular movement, create a large circle moving up towards the right eyebrow, on upwards, and then bring the circle back over the original line you drew down from the forehead. Continue the circle around, moving inwards of the circle, so that you end up with a corkscrew. You draw three circles altogether, each one inside the outer one.

Finish the Cho Ku Rei on your left side, the same side which began with the straight line in from the left.

If you are doing this symbol over another person, you might reverse the symbol so that you still begin on THEIR left side for the healing energy to be empowered.

You will reverse it for the calming and meditative effect.

For Physical Ailments: The Cho Ku Rei symbol can be performed over the site of a physical ailment, or it can be used over the brow, as given above.

See Merrilyn’s post entitled “Cho Ku Rei” for more details on using this symbol.

Pranna: good place - Recipes

This is not related to yoga, but it is related to the body so I thought this forum might be a good place for it.

I am interested in REALLY cleansing my body from the inside before the New Year. I have been reading up on various detoxification and cleansing diets. Although some seem reasonable, others seem downright frightening or controversial. One even called for swallowing an entire cup of cooking oil! I have tried the 3 day orange juice fast several times, which feels wonderful - but am looking for something a little more 'deep'. I have been a meat eater all of my life until recently. That’s 30 years of toxic build-up I’d like to say goodbye to.

Can anyone recommend a safe regiment? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, dear friends.

Thank you, Kevin. Yes, this is very helpful. You have also taught me a new word: "Ayurveda" After reading a bit about it on the web this morning, I feel you have inadvertantly introduced me to a whole new world.

While searching, I also found a little information on Dr. Lad. He has a kind face and sparkling eyes. He also appears to be highly respected in his field. How fortunate you are to consider him a personal friend!

Thank you again, and welcome to the board.

I also have the book, "Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing" by Dr. Vasant Lad, and know you would be pleased with this system of health.

Kevin, how wonderful to hear of a first hand experience with Dr. Lad. He has the kindest face.

Someone else you might enjoy reading is Dr. Norman W. Walker. His main emphasis is on detox really - and places enormous importance on keeping a clean system - fresh vegetable juices originated with him, and he recommends a diet of raw vegetables. For whatever it is worth, he lived to be 113.

I would like to add that I try to follow Master's advice of fasting one day a week on an orange juice fast and two days together a month on the same. Very effective, especially noticable in my complexion.

My husband and I have tried a modified version of Master's Orange juice fast. We tried it for the first time at Convocation last year and it was wonderful. I never, EVER thought I would fast. We drank water and fresh juice only, ate nuts and fruits only. I didn't feel like I was starving or anything. I felt great the next day, very refreshed.

We have done this a few times since and same results. Try different things and see what you are comfortable with. Good luck!

I agree with Kevin.
Ayurveda is a very good subject to become adept in especially as the body ages.

If you live somewhere in California,
Ralphs/Vons/Whole Foods sell something called "Yogi Tea" which is very cool. (not cool as cold but cool like "happy days" cool
They have many different types: cleansing, tonics, etc.

Check it out when u have time.
Here's what they look like so u have an idea when strolling through the stores.

Anatta Kalyana, I have just returned from Whole Foods with a box of Yogi Tea called 'Peach Detox'. Unfortunately for my pocket book, I also bought several expensive cheeses. Those darned marketing people make them all look so good! *smile* My husband is from France. It makes his day to see a Pont l'Evec in the fridge, so not all is lost (except my sense of smell - pew!) *pinching nose with fingers*

I haven't received the lesson on diet quite yet, but have worked the three day orange juice fast in a few times. Isn't it wonderful? Something to look forward to each month in a way. I have not picked up 'Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing' yet but will soon.

Thank you all so much. When I began this path I had no idea the changes I would have to make in my lifestyle would be so drastic. It is sometimes discouraging for old habits are so very hard to break. I appreciate your advice and good will with all of my heart.

Those food pushers are hard to resist.
You have to go in while in Pratyahara (completely interiorized)
or the smells will get ya.

Some good Ayurveda books I've read:
Ayurveda - the science of life by Dr. Vasant Lad
Ayurvedic Healing by Dr. David Frawley
The Yoga of Herbs by Michael Tierra, ND
Prakruti by Dr. Robert Svoboda

The 1st thing u will have to figure out is your
elemental constituion:
Vata (Air)
Pitta (Fire)
Kapha (Earth/Water)

Tastes to Favor

Vata is pacified by the sweet, sour, and salty tastes and aggravated by the pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes. Understanding these tastes allows us to make better choices whether or not we have an extensive list of Vata-Pacifying Foods handy.


  • Favor naturally sweet foods like fruits, most grains, root vegetables, milk, ghee, fresh yogurt, eggs, nuts, seeds, oils, and lean meats.
  • The sweet taste is the foundation of a vata-pacifying diet. It is the predominant taste in most of vata&rsquos staple foods, and also vata&rsquos primary source of nutrition.
  • Emphasizing the sweet taste does NOT require us to eat large amounts of refined sugar or sugary-sweet foods. In fact, doing so tends to exacerbate vata&rsquos tendency to over-exert and then crash.
  • Naturally sweet foods tend to be grounding, nourishing, strength-building, and satisfying.
  • Favor sour additions like a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, a splash of vinegar, a side of kimchi or sauerkraut, a bowl of miso, a slice of cheese, or a dollop of sour cream.
  • Sour fruits like green grapes, oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit are also appropriate when eaten separately from other foods and in moderation. These make great vata-pacifying snacks.
  • The sour taste is generally not the centerpiece of a meal instead, it tends to complement and enliven other flavors.
  • The sour taste awakens the mind and the senses, improves digestion, promotes energy, moistens other foods, and helps to eliminate excess wind (think gas and bloating).
  • The salty taste is almost singularly derived from salt itself, but favoring the salty taste does not mean that your food should taste as if it&rsquos being cured.
  • Salt is already over-emphasized in the typical Western diet, so simply being mindful of including savory flavors and ensuring that your food has some salt in it will likely be sufficient.
  • Ayurveda recommends a quality sea salt or Natural Mineral Salt over common table salt.
  • Salt stimulates the appetite and digestion, helps retain moisture, supports proper elimination, and improves the flavor of many foods.


  • Pungent is a spicy, hot flavor like that found in chilies, radishes, turnips, raw onions, and many especially heating spices.
  • However, in moderation, most mild spices are quite vata-pacifying. You will find a rather comprehensive list of herbs and spices to favor and reduce in our resource on Vata-Pacifying Foods.
  • The pungent taste is hot, dry, and light too much of it is extremely drying to the system, exacerbates the rough quality, and can therefore disturb vata.
  • The bitter taste predominates bitter greens (like kale, dandelion greens, and collard greens), and is also found in foods like bitter melon, Jerusalem artichokes, burdock root, eggplant, and chocolate.
  • The bitter taste is cooling, rough, drying, light, and generally reducing or catabolic&mdashall qualities that tend to aggravate vata.
  • The astringent taste is basically a flavor of dryness&mdasha chalky taste that dries the mouth and may cause it to contract (picture biting into a very green banana).
  • Legumes are classically astringent in taste&mdashadzuki beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, pinto beans, soybeans, and so forth.
  • The astringent taste is also found in some fruits, vegetables, grains, and baked goods&mdashthings like apples, cranberries, pomegranate, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, rye, rice cakes, and crackers.
  • The astringent taste is dry, cold, heavy, and rough in nature, making it understandably aggravating to vata.

Jonathan Gold on Live Octopus Tentacles

In the Los Angeles Times, Russ Parsons shares a turkey cooking technique inspired by Judy Rodgers, the chef/owner of San Francisco's Zuni Cafe.

He calls it "dry-brining": "You just salt the turkey a few days in advance, give it a brisk massage every so often to redistribute the salt, and then roast it." The salt releases moisture from the turkey, which gets reabsorbed by the meat, essentially brining the bird in its own juices.

While wet-brining -- soaking the turkey in a saltwater solution -- has become a very popular way of preparing turkey, Parsons notes the technique often leads to a spongy texture. On the other hand, dry-brining leaves the turkey "firm and meaty."

While the technique is straightforward, make sure you leave enough time for the turkey to brine (three days), though Parsons writes that you can cut it back to two days.

Product Description:

There is often a lot of confusion over Palm Kernel Oil and Palm Oil. Both can be used interchangeably, but there are differences. Palm Oil is derived from the palm fruit whereas Palm Kernel comes from the kernel of the fruit. Palm Oil is derived from the fruit of the palm tree. It is semi-solid at room temperature and is rich in palmitic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Magnesium. It contains natural anti-oxidants and works well in cold-process soap making. This variety of Palm Oil is Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD).

Product Uses:

Our Palm Carrier Oil is refined and is almost exclusively used by cold process soap manufacturers.
Consistency: Semi-solid at room temperatures – gentle heating is required during production.

Palm Carrier Oil will leave an oily feeling on your skin if applied neat.

Users can expect a shelf life of up to 2 years with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended. Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for current Best Before Date.
Note: The facilities from which we purchase this product do not process peanuts or manufacture peanut oil.
Storage: It is recommended that cold-pressed carrier oils be kept in a cool dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life. If refrigerated, bring to room temperature before using.

Precautions: None Known.

For educational purposes only.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Worst NYE experience. bought tickets through Joonbug/Crave for NYE and they had us, GA and VIP tickets waiting outside,in the cold, for almost 2 hours, even though the lounge was barely full. Will NEVER return to this establishment.

Really liked the atmosphere in Pranna. Food was delicious but a bit spicy. I would want to come back again.

MANAGEMENT STEALS STAY AWAY – the management at pranna are cheaters my iphone cash and cc were stolen from my purse when we had a private room. only people in and out besides my friends was staff and they stole from my purse. first manager payal said she would help search security camera and now wont even return my calls she is in on the scam she will steal from you too. beware of going to such a horrible place with terrible service. they have no social courtesy or respect for the ppl that are spending good money at their establishment!! HORRIBLE PLACE.

Good Food. Bad Attitude. – I recently planned a bachelorette party at Pranna for a friend. Having been to dinner here before, I thought the space and vibe would be just right. As my reservation had about 19 guests, we were asked to sign a contract and have a prix-fixe menu, which was perfect. Ashli, our event manager, was lovely and pleasant to work with and created a perfect menu for us.

Our arrival, at 7pm on a Saturday evening, was an interesting experience. A very loud party had just ended and the bathrooms were in a state of chaos. As about 13-15 members of our party were present and waiting to be seated, I asked the hostess if we could head to our table. Her response "We COULDN"T POSSIBLY seat you until your entire party is here". Her 2 co-hostesses were all in agreement. After asking to speak to the manager, who escorted us to our table, I knew the night was off to an interesting start. I know Pranna tends to get clubby - but since that large party left it was empty (Saturday evening at 7pm).

We had terrible service. I mean just terrible. The restaurant was nearly empty at this point and with great difficulty, we managed to get our water glasses filled while we waited around endlessly for our waiter to take our drink orders. It got so bad that one of my friends went up to the bar and started taking the pre-filled water jugs and filling water for our party. The bartenders, too consumed in chit-chat, barely noticed.

The service continued on a path of difficulty - with drink orders being hard to come by. In the middle of our dinner, they began a serious cleaning of the glass wall that divides the balcony from the dining room below. Granted, it was covered in nasty oily finger prints - but in the middle of our dinner? Harsh and I'm not just talking about the chemicals.

The food was good. The lackluster attention of the waitstaff and the nastiness of the 3 co-hostesses at the front is a sign to eat, drink, and enjoy elsewhere.

Awesome New Years Eve Party @ Pranna ! – We can't say enough about Pranna, especially for New Years Eve 2012. The inside of this 15,000 sq ft venue is truly impressive. It offers various rooms, each with its own bar and unique feel, to venture into. The Main Room is filled with dancing and great vibes.

If you're looking for a VIP experience then the Mezzanine floor is where you want to be. A high-energy atmosphere and a 5 hour Open-Bar are waiting for you at Pranna on NYE '12. Get your tickets today at NYETIX2012. com - Call us at 212-845-9750 for group discounts

Okay Spot but bartender is rude – I was visiting my friend in New York and decided to go out to Pranna. The atmosphere is great! The bartender at the bottom section was rude and obnoxious. Really need a class in customer service.

Expensive But Bad – We came here to celebrate our 11 year-old daughter's singing recital. Wish we had gone elsewhere the experience was not good. The chicken in the chicken wings was raw the chicken in the chicken wraps didn't have any taste. Then we waited for our entrees for 30 minutes. The waitress apologized several times and promised "free dessert." By 9:10 pm (we got there at 7:50) our food still hadn't arrived. We were ready to leave when it finally did. The prawns and hangar steak were all right--nothing to write home about. After all of this, we thought they would at least give us the drinks for free, but instead they gave us a few cookies to take home. When we complained with the hostesses, they said they would call the manager/owner so we could tell him. He never showed up so we just left. In a word, we're never coming back.

Come out to Pranna this Friday for a exclusive free party under my guest list nothing beats FREE. And for my birthday people you get a complimentary champagne on the house so take advantage of it. free party and free champagne perfect way to celebrate your birthday. and if your a last min person to plan something out why not come out to Pranna and get the party started here.

Mention Tommy 4 guestlist

Free Champagne for Birthdays. Must RSVP.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email or msg me via fb

Worst place ever – Places like Pranna in New York absolutely deserve to go out of business. A friend had a birthday party here and had a couple of tables/bottle service. Obviously not everyone gets to a birthday party at the same time and we didn't either. So people couldn't get in even when she came out to speak with the bouncer herself. But worst of all was that they were extremely rude, to us, to everyone else we saw there. I understand bouncers need to keep things in check, but the bouncers here are really rude, uneducated, ghetto, and basically get a high from being jerks. I would highly suggest that you DO NOT HOST YOUR EVENT HERE, and if you have a friend hosting an event here, get here before 9pm if you plan on getting in. Looking at their restaurant reviews which are pretty pathetic as well, I wouldn't be surprised if this place went out of business soon enough.

Pranna! – Overall this is a great place that you can go to for anything from a romantic dinner to a fun night out with the girls.

If your a large group I'd recommend going through AccessGotham. com. They offer no hassles and free cover at Pranna. I use them all the time!

This place is huge! – My friends and I decided to try Pranna out and we got a few bottles. We found AccessGotham through a friend of a friend and they booked a table for us there. The doorman had our name and was very friendly and we walked right in.

Pranna is a unique and upscale establishment. The place has three floors and each floor has it's own unique vibe to it. I personally liked this a lot and easily separates it for other NYC venues.

This place would definitely be great for a corporate party, a sweet 16.

Fantastic Time – Gorgeous venue, great crowd, great music, great food!

I had my birthday dinner and later birthday party on a saturday night, everything was fantastic. My guest are still talking about it.

Thanks to the Pranna and Blaq List crew, special thanks to Jordana from Blaq List for coordinating everything.

Great Venue – Great crowd, great location!

Great Spot – I threw a party here for my older brother's 30th birthday. It was really fun because we got to eat dinner and chill for a while, and then past 11 it turned into a club. We had the best of both worlds. AccessGotham booked the party for us, otherwise I wouldn't even have know this place existed! Don't miss out, it's a lot of fun.

don't go here – I've been here many times in the past two years. However, the last few times it has always been a negative experience - bad service, bad music, bad attitude. The last time I went, I was with a group of 10 girls. There was a blond chic at the door who refused to let one of my friends in because she said her shoe looked like flipflops. How do three inch heels look like flipflops?? we were soo annoyed, we even showed her the shoe, but she insisted that it looked like a flipflop to her so she refused to let her in. someone was drinking on the job. We all vowed to never come to pranna again

It is OK – This is a nice venue but it is definitely overhyped and overpriced. You have to pay to get in on the weekends. For what? I don't get this place.

For a lounge like this, you really don't need to charge cover. I would recommend here for happy hour only.

Expensive drinks, horrible food. – I went here during restaurant hours for my friend's birthday party. Unfortunately he ordered the pre fix so we could not order our own meals. They brought out plenty of food for $50 per person (drinks not included) but the food was TERRIBLE. I cannot stress how bad the food was. I went there with any empty stomach expecting to walking out with a full one but I was still hungry when we left. Plus I went to the bar to buy the birthday boy a shot of Patron and I bought one for myself for us to take together, it came to a staggering $28. I know that it's Manhattan, but $14 for a shot? Avoid this place as a restaurant and if you MUST go for the lounge, get there early because they set up the velvet rope right around 11 and nobody likes to wait in line. Make sure you hit the ATM first. But I would avoid this place if I could.

not that great at all – the space is nice, the service wasn't too bad. Unfortunately the food was not good. I had a special tom-yum soup, which had no flavor to it at all and they gave me a teaspoon to eat it with, and the scallops with drunken noodles, which was pretty bad. My husband had the sirloin massaman, and he liked his OK, to be fair. I would not return.

Great place for parties! – Had a party at Pranna to celebrate my husband's new job last weekend and it was great - we had plenty of space in the Satay bar, the food was delicious (and plentiful!) and the service was outstanding. It was the perfect spot for a gathering of 20-30 people.

Great Venue for Small Cocktail Parties – While planning for a weekday evening, post-holiday cocktail party for about 15 guests (an alumni board), a friend of mine suggested checking out Pranna for the event. I'm so glad she did! Pranna was the ideal venue for the group. The restaurant was relatively quiet since it was a Monday night, and the semi-private Horizon Lounge was the perfect intimate space for mixing and mingling in a relaxed, sophisticated environment. The event coordinator was extremely accessible and worked with me for several days to plan the menu and finalize the details for the evening. The food selections were delicious and plentiful, the wide variety of drinks (which we purchased on consumption, but for which there were also packages available) satisfied everybody's preferences, and the service was excellent --- the group all enjoyed a wonderful evening! I would definitely return to Pranna for an event in the future, whether in that same space or in one of their other semi or private spaces.

Nervous by reviews, but sold by service -- PRANNA delivers! – Deterred by some of the online reviews, I almost cancelled my site-visit. I'm so glad I didn't!

Planning a corporate event for 130 guests is no easy task, but Christine was a delight to work with. Pranna-by-day is classy and professional. What happens after midnight Fridays and Saturdays is a whole other world altogether (one that I'm not familiar with).

The food was delicious and the wine that Milen recommended paired perfectly with the hors d'oeuvres. I was concerned about the spiciness and exotic flavors, but my guests enjoyed the satays and curries just as much as they enjoyed the sliders and sweet potato fries.

The whole experience was just perfect. By 9PM our annual reception usually winds-down, but this year. it started winding up! We opted to extend the bar tab and our party captains (George + Lauren) were so accommodating. They even wrapped up some cookies for my boss's kids.

I highly recommend this venue to anyone looking to do an important dinner or reception. Pranna really came through--on so many levels--and my inbox has been overflowing with positive feedback.

There's talk about a cocktail tutorial in March (and a Summer Associates Reception in early June?) but for now, I'm just going to sit back, exhale, and smile for a job well done.

not a great night – I never write reviews but I had to in this case because Pranna really did not fulfill their promises -

I had booked with a Pranna designated rep a table for 10 with the understand of a $300 minimum. When my party arrived, they told us it would not be available till 11 so we left only to come back to a huge line. The bouncer did not let us in ahead though we had reservations. We did not get in till midnight. At this point our waitress was nowhere to be found. She came about 2 times in 4 hours and then one last time to give a bill. She came so infrequently and was nowhere to be found so we had to buy drinks from the bar. This of course did not count towards our minimum which the waitress gave me an attitude when she finally did come (40 minutes later) and forced us to get bottle service. So my party of 15 ended up spending way too much money because we had to buy from since the waitress came in intervals of 30-40 minutes and then was forced to get a bottle. This really put a damper on to what was supposed to be a great night. I contacted the management which only offered a free champagne bottle if we came back again (about $20 in-house to bring a party so they would spend more money again). I was very disappointed in not getting the table when I was told I would by their representative, the extremely poor service and the little compensation by the service. The music was good but several places in the city have as good of music or better with a higher level of standards in service. I expect very little when I go out to a lounge but Pranna failed to meet it. I do hope they improve their service and do not commit to times they cannot follow

Horrible Place faking to be a high end restaurant/lounge – This place doesn't even deserve 1 star. It should be shut down.

Combined with poor food and poor inattentive staff this place is not a great choice to eat or spend an evening.

-Poor Incompetent Inattentive Staff &ndash waiters looking like their bored, college kids at the reservation table/checkin, we had to ask multiple times for refills on drinks, and the wait staff and manager had an attitude like they were doing us a favor.

-Horrible Lounge venue with poor crowd

-Door staff and bouncers are extremely rude. (in particular an overweight girl, an Indian guy who claimed to be the owner, and 2 rude bouncers who behaved like they were in a rap video)

There are too many options in NYC to go to, rather than go to an overpriced venue.

The crowd is bridge & tunnel at best who cannot get into B&C list clubs.

I wouldn&rsquot recommend this place to a homeless person unless you want to hang out with cabbies.

We and our friends will never go here again!

Upscale, high-end establishment – I went out for the first time in years, it was my daughter's birthday thrown and hosted by this charismatic promoter named Kong from theKongList and I was highly impressed. Pranna is a very upscale, high-end establishment. It serves as a restaurant during the day and nightlife venue at night. There's 3 floors and each floor brings you something different and unique. I'm not sure about the maximum capacity level but the place seems to rather large. The rooms got more packed as the night went on and the energy seemed to grow seemlessly. I recommend Friday's @ Pranna to the grown & sexy.

All-around Winner! – I've traveled around southeast asia and have to say this place holds its own and can whip up some delicious naan! For dinner I had Laksa soup, one of my faves from malaysia and the steamed chili mussels. One can never have enough satay, so I chose the chef's selection too! Don't worry I wasn't here by myself, there was someone to share with. I wasn't sure what to order for my drink and the owner recommended the TYKU Pranna Sunset, the ginger and lime made it so refreshing! Dinner was so savory- with sweet, salty, and spicy complimented with a delcious drink, I will definitely come back to explore the rest of the menu!

Southeast Asian food and booze in the Flatiron district. – Pranna is an enormous 15,000 square-foot space with an attractive, bright interior and two dining rooms, two bars, an open kitchen and a gigantic basement lounge. Talk about optimism! But the crowds have been coming, albeit perhaps more for the bar scene than the food. The kitchen is helmed by chef Chai Trivedi, who has developed a creative menu of Southeast Asian dishes like Vietnamese peanut rice flats, Thai chicken with cashews and assorted satays. There’s also the usual Asian-inflected cocktail program, too. So, does New York need another big-box Asian restaurant? Pranna hopes we do.

Great Food one bad bouncer – As much as I like the food and the service while at dinner, there was a boucer at the door that was downright rude (definte need for an explitive here).

When I asked to leave for a minute and come back because I needed something from a friend's car, he claimed that I will have to stand in Line to get back in!! Never have I heard this said to someone who has just had a big dinner and spent north of 3 hours in a place.

When I did get back he looked at my bag and actually had the audacity to ask if I have knives in my bag. I was totally apalled at the question but just confirmed that it's a work bag and no i dont carry knives to work.

Later a few other friends complained (after I had left) that he was very rude and actually asked someone to shut up!!

When you do go to place thats supposed to be relatively fine dining the least you can expect is some courtesy!!

Definitely turned off enough never to go back.

For a disastrous night, go to Pranna – My friends and I were supposed to join a party inside. We were made to stand in line and were not being allowed to enter unless we bought bottle service. This is just a money making scheme! In addition, to that the host walking around (I think her name was Grace) and the bouncers had the biggest attitude. Will never go back back to this place and I advise everyone to do the same!

5 star establishment – I NEVER add reviews/comments and felt I had to for Pranna. I had my birthday party here this past Friday and it was one of the best nights my friends and I have had. There were over 40 people in my party and EVERYONE enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Pranna is a 1st class establishment. Everyone from the staff to the owners went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. The place is gorgeous, music was fire, and crowd was beautiful (my guy friends were quite happy). I can't say enough good things about Pranna!!

Sophisticated, Modern, and Classy Lounge – This spacious, glowing lounge and restaurant has quickly become my favorite spot. The open layout is inviting and warm the upper level bar looks out onto the main floor, and the basement bar area provides its own mood as well- popular for younger club-goers. Pranna also offers an array of fabulous specialty cocktails. Alex Sanz (bartender) introduced me to my favorite, the Harvest Moon- a delightful drink including Makers Mark, pomegranate seeds, and a freshly ground nutmeg garnish. I was thoroughly impressed by his expertise and friendliness behind the bar- it created a memorable and enjoyable experience that I will surely have again!

Amazing Nan Bread – I work in the neighbrhood and I go there about four times a week. The Owner knows me by now. She always come by to say hello and sends me the Wok Fired Cashews which are delicious. Also the Nan bread with the two dips is to die for. I just can't get enough of it. I love the atmosphere and ambience at Pranna. It is really relaxed and they never rush you out. The service is very attentive. I highly recommend Pranna.

This is my new hang out spot! – This place is AMAZING! I have been there on many occasions ever since they opened. You can go there for so many different things. I went there for dinner with my family. great flavorful food. The satays are wonderful and I loved the Pranna bakery for dessert. I went there again with some co-workers for happy hour and we enjoyed beer & Naan for just $5!! Along with many other great specials like an $8 specialty cocktail which usually is $12. Then two weekends ago I went there late in the evening for a girl's night out and bought one of their wonderful packages. The music was great, crowd was lively and clearly enjoying themselves and all the staff is very friendly. Overall this is a great place that you can go to for anything from a romantic dinner to a fun night out with the girls. Highly recommended.

$10 Beers. – It's a nice looking place but a complete rip off. I don't mind paying a small fortune for a rooftop bar or other special place but slightly fancy decor doesn't cut it in my book. The servers were hanging on our shoulders pressuring purchases of their over priced drinks but didn't know the beer selection. On the main floor there was a tap system protruding from the bar but I was informed there was no draft beer. Then why the taps? There was also an insect sighting in the mens room. I won't be back and won't be recommending it to anyone.

Very average. – Pranna is very average, if you don't have anything else going on, then its worth a visit. The food is mediocre and the crowd is also very average. The place gets crowded with all of the people who can't get into B or C list clubs.

Amazing Cocktails & satay's – OK So let me tell you, this is one of the best and orginal places I have been to. But please dont take my word for it, this is a must visit place which I urge you fun lovers must experience. For some of the pros excellent cocktails all freshly made right there in front of you, excellent appetizers (you must try their variety of Satay's and Lamb sliders). I think this is by far the biggest place in manhattan. IT IS HUGE. Now for the decor . its a class act in the making. again, please dont take my word . this is something to be experienced. WOW

Cool. I dont rarely say that word – Heard about the hype, wanted to check it out. came this past Sat night. long line. hot girl at the door surrounded by big bouncers. she asked me if i was joining a party or wanted to get a table. i told her i would do anything she wanted me to do. got a table. hottie waitress, good music, hot girls everywhere..good times on Madison Ave

Bridge and Tunnel on Madison Avenue – While the decor is nice, its nothing special for NYC. The crowd is very Bridge and Tunnel and if you like drinking champagne out of plastic glasses, you will like this place. The line outside is a bit of a joke - its all B&T. Table reservations may get you in, but all your friends will wait for about 30 -45 minutes (even with a table) unles they show by 10 pm.

All Around Good Time – Went to Pranna this past weekend for a dinner party.

Then after dinner we moved into the lounge where we then had some bottle service, had gotten a great deal from their special bottle packages that they have going on.

Music was great,cocktail waitress was great, food was great.

Wonderful Ambiance--A MUST – Service was great. It's always good to see management touching tables to ensure quality assurance. The director of service, David, was sensational. We will mention Pranna to all of our friends and we will be back there again. I would highly recommend this place.

Great Service! – The minute I walked in, I was greeted by an amazing staff! We went to the bar and had outrageous delicious cocktails! David, the director of service introduced himself and made us feel like kings and queens! All through dinner David checked in on us to make sure everything was going smoothly!

I will definitely go back! The service is SUPERB - especially that DAVID!

not too bad – I went last Saturday and the food is good but the service is really bad but the food fixing everything !

Excellent – My boyfriend and I went to Pranna for Valentine's Day dinner and it really was delicious. The first two cocktails that we had were fantastic and very unique to the restaurant and the food was very good. The staff was very knowledgeable and my only regret is that I did not ask how the chef recommends the duck being cooked. It was delicious nontheless but heard the waiter mention to another table exactly how each dish should be cooked. Food could be spicy at times, especially the curry dishes but if you like that kind of food then you'll love it here.

Amazing Valentine's Day Dinner – Went to Pranna for Valentine's day dinner. Had reservations at 9:30 and got seating in about fifteen minutes. I was impressed. The place was very organized. Ordered the Rose cocktail and loved it. I ordered steak and my girl friend ordered the Paneer dish. Everything was delicious. The choc chili mousse was perfect ending to the meal. Our server was very attentive and knowledgable. We loved the overall ambience service and food. The dining room was very romantic and the lounge very trendy. Best of both worlds. I highly recommend Pranna.

Romantic place for dinner – Went to Pranna for the restaurant week and was surprised with how good the food is. We had the drunken noodles and duck curry and for dessert the guava cheesecake. We also ordered a sample of satays which were perfectly cooked with four dipping sauces. It was really fun to eat trying each of the sauce. The cocktails were delicious and my favorite was bali eyes. After dinner we stayed in the lounge and they had a DJ spinning and the place just got mobbed within fourty five minutes. I definately recommend this place.

Cool place for Saturday night out – Great place for dinner and post-dinner drinks. I celebrated my friend's birthday this past Saturday night and we reserved a table after dinner and stayed until 4AM. It was so great to be able to do it all in one place and not get bored with the scene. I'm actually headed back for another birthday party next weekend. The place is HUGE, but you wouldn't know it from the entrance on Madison Ave. Great addition to the neighborhood and totally worth checking out.

BAD BAD BAD BARTENDER – WORST BARTENDER ever working here. I've been in the industry myself for 7 years now and I've never met someone as obnoxious as the shortie, (ERIC is it?) that works here. Been to this place only twice and BOTH times he made me want to throw my drink in his face. Whats becoming of customer service? This one here is just giving a bad rep for the rest of us. Don't waste your money.

Highly recommended – Amazing cocktails, great food, fabulous decor, good service, reasonable prices. Can't wait to go there again!

PRANNA rocks!! Best of the places in the area.. – Have been at PRANNA few times since it opened.. it is totally cool.. Apart from the place being extraordinarily eligant, they are running great promotions during early hours, foods is consistantly outstanding, service is couteous & warm, place is pack during weekends particularly.. In my view, it is best in the area without a doubt.. Everyone must must visit..

Beautiful Place and Perfect Vibe – At Pranna you are able to great great food, ambience,drinks and perfect fun night. We had a dinner reservation and they were very busy but our group of five wanted to sit in the satay lounge for cocktails and some small bites. They were very accomodating in letting us have a cocktail and holding our reservation for about twentyfive minutes. After the cocktails and few satays we went to the dining room. We ordered the whole fish, duck curry and the rib eye for two. The steak was like butter and it melted in our mouth, The sides were delicious aswell. The nan bread was garlic, cilanto and thai basil with tomato and lentil chutneys. They kept on asking us if we wanted more and it was absolutely addictive. We also had the Tom kha soup which was very good as well. We also ordered the Pranna bakery with rose water cream donuts, walnut brownies, coconut macaroons, choc chip macadamia cookies and spiced butter cake. It came with two dipping sauces which were very good. Overall Pranna was a great experience and the prices were very affordable. After dinner we stayed at the bar for some after dinner cocktails and the place was rocking. Great addition to the area.

Small portions for price, inattentive service, trying to be a "club" – Over-aggressive hostess (5 of them!) greet you at the door and escort you through the restaurant while having to repeat themselves > 3 times if they can take your coat. The music is so loud when you first walk in that I actually thought I was in the wrong place. Service was, well, horrendous. Our waiter took our order right away then we waited a good 45 minutes for our apps to arrive. Food is surprisingly good - but, the portions are tiny considering price. Don't think i'll be returning.

Product Description:
Coconut, which is refined, bleached and deodorized Carrier Oil is solid at room temperature. Coconut Carrier Oil is a very versatile carrier oil. It is excellent to form a barrier on the skin and absorbs quickly into the skin. Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer, helping with dry skin. It also reduces protein loss when used in hair.

Common Uses: Coconut Carrier Oil can be used to create variety of products such as massage oils, body balms, lip balms, lotions and cold process soaps. It is one of the most preferred oils in soap making because soap made with coconut oil tends to be hard, and retains more water than those made with other oils and therefore increases manufacturer yields. It is more soluble in hard water and salt water than other soaps allowing it to lather more easily. Coconut oil is also used in cosmetic manufacturing industries.

Consistency and Absorption:
Solid at room temperatures. Gentle heating is required. Coconut Oil creates an oily, protective barrier on the skin.

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