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World’s First Life-Sized, Dine-In Gingerbread House Unveiled for Charity

World’s First Life-Sized, Dine-In Gingerbread House Unveiled for Charity

Great Wolf Lodge has created the world’s first completely edible gingerbread house that can comfortably house a hungry family

Hansel and Gretel would have a fit upon seeing this gingerbread giant.

Like something out of a fairy tale, the world’s first completely edible dine-in gingerbread house has come to life. Great Wolf Lodge, the indoor waterpark resort chain, unveiled 12 of these giant gingerbread houses at each of their resort locations nationwide. Up to six people can sit (and eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner) inside the gingerbread house for a $10 dining fee. All proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House charity.

All in all, this sweet display contains about 1,320 pounds of sugar, 750 pounds of icing, and 650 pounds of gingerbread. It took six bakery chefs more than 1,200 logged hours to complete each gingerbread house display. If you look closely, you’ll also be able to spot an assortment of candies and treats like a variety of Peeps, candy canes, and 635 handmade candied poinsettias. Since the giant gingerbread house tradition began four years ago, Great Wolf Lodge has raised more than $50,000 for the Ronald McDonald House.

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