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Pineapple risotto

Pineapple risotto

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Pineapple risotto recipe from of 08-25-2019

The pineapple risotto it is fresh and creamy, perfect for all seasons. You can serve it like this, simple simple, or enrich it with toasted pine nuts, grilled shrimps or pork bites browned in pineapple juice, if you want a complete and more exotic dish. I already appreciated it so much, only with pineapple, yogurt and rocket, and I think I'll make it the same again as soon as possible, but let me know which version you prefer!


How to make pineapple risotto

Clean the pineapple (remove the ends and then cut off the peel I come back).
Cut into 4, remove the core and cut the pulp into cubes.

Brown the chopped onion in the oil, then add the rice and toast it.
Then start cooking, adding the broth 1 ladle at a time.
Halfway through cooking add the marsala, almost at the end of cooking add the pineapple.

Once cooked, stir in the yogurt and season with salt.

The pineapple risotto is ready, decorate with raw rocket and serve.

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