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Flour dumplings

Flour dumplings

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Flour dumplings recipe of 11-03-2018 [Updated on 12-03-2018]

The flour dumplings they are a variant of the very common potato gnocchi. The recipe calls for these gnocchi, without potatoes, to be prepared by combining flour and salt in boiling water and working hot, obviously before forming the classic cylinders to be cut and shaped. Now that you have found out how to make gnocchi with water and flour, you just have to follow the recipe and prepare them at home for this Sunday;)
I'm back home, flying to my little one who spent the last few days with her grandparents, while Ivano and I were in Milan for our marketing event. I am destroyed and I would like to sleep 24 hours straight, but the thought of hugging the puppy will give me the right energy to regain my strength to be able to face a new week of work.
So I leave you to the recipe of flour gnocchi with sauce and I wish you a sweet day: *


How to make flour dumplings

Put the water in a saucepan on the stove and, once it reaches a boil, move it from the stove.
Then add the flour and salt and stir continuously with a wooden spoon.

When the mixture comes off the sides of the pan, transfer it to a floured surface and, while it is still hot, continue to work it to make it free of lumps and homogeneous.
Once a loaf is formed, let it cool.

With the now cold dough, form small cylinders that you will cut into pieces.
With your fingers pass them quickly over the tines of a fork to give it the classic shape.

Your flour dumplings are ready.

You can cook them in a pot full of salted water, lifting them when they rise to the surface and adding them to a tomato sauce.

Add some grated cheese to the surface and bring to the table.

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