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Orecchiette with peppers and sausage

Orecchiette with peppers and sausage

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Recipe Orecchiette with peppers and sausage of of 04-01-2013 [Updated on 04-01-2013]

Since there is another party coming up, today I give you the recipe to prepare a really tasty first course, orecchiette with peppers and sausage, a recipe that you absolutely must try if you love these 2 ingredients. This morning I'm late and I have very little time, I have a desk full of papers to sort out and contracts to open and close, a real mess, plus I have Elisa with me in the office who these days is not making me do anything because she doesn't want any more knowing that she is in the stroller and runs from one room to another looking for someone to kidnap to play with her: D Even at home it is like this, she takes us to her room and we become her prisoners among soft toys, ovens and toy pots and books and she does not want to know neither to be alone for 5 minutes nor to move some games to some other room ... and if all this is a really giant commitment, she is too tender as a thing, when she takes my hand and carries me around to show me his games and his things and proudly shows me what he has learned to do, it drives me crazy with joy :) Now I greet you and leave you to the recipe, we read as soon as I return to a semi-normal situation: P


How to make orecchiette with peppers and sausage

Clean the peppers by removing the stalk, the seeds and the white ribs inside

Cut the peppers into fairly small squares and cook them for about ten minutes in a pan with the oil in which you have browned a clove of garlic

Add the crumbled sausage and deglaze with the white wine

Season with salt and pepper and add the cherry tomatoes, stir and cook for a few more minutes then lift the garlic clove

Meanwhile, cook the orecchiette in abundant salted water, once cooked, lift them with a slotted spoon and pour them into the pan with the sauce.
Sauté the orechiette in a pan adding the julienne-cut caciocavallo

Serve the orecchiette with peppers and sausage on plates

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