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Sandwich cake

Sandwich cake

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Tramezzino cake recipe of 21-05-2014 [Updated on 04-05-2015]

The tramezzino cake is a fresh and choreographic summer appetizer that brings joy to the sun because it makes me immediately think about summer evenings and outdoor dinners, I hadn't prepared it for years, so for one of the culinary Thursdays I decided to bring it to the table and put my recipe on the blog :) Obviously you can choose the filling according to your personal taste, I used what I had on hand and I find that the flavors are well balanced :) The sandwich cake would be perfect for Ivano, he who he is one who goes more for salty than for sweet and today that is his birthday, instead of the classic cake he would prefer this by far, but how can you not prepare a sweet? So today for him a double course, pizza roll and fruit tart to celebrate with the guys from the office and then tonight we go out to dinner with friends, I would say that he can't complain what do you say? I leave you to the recipe and go to organize the day, a basin for those who pass by here: *


How to make the sandwich cake

Roll out the slices of bread for sandwiches with a rolling pin to thin them

Place a first slice on a serving dish, sprinkle with mayonnaise and cover with tuna

Cover with another slice of bread and stuff with slices and salami

Another layer of bread and then Philadelphia, dried tomatoes and olives

Close with the last slice of bread and press lightly to distribute all the filling in the various layers.

Cover the surface of the cake with the remaining mayonnaise and decorate the sides with lettuce

Decorate the sandwich cake with salami roses, cherry tomatoes and olives, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

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