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Nests of chocolate and cereals

Nests of chocolate and cereals

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Recipe Nests of chocolate and cereals of 17-04-2014 [Updated on 25-09-2017]

More than an Easter recipe, chocolate and cereal nests are an idea to entertain children in the kitchen, schools are now closed and you could take advantage to make the little ones mess a little with something within their complete reach. All you need is chocolate, cereals and colored eggs, your children will do the rest and you will see that laughter :) Also last year I prepared a similar thing, coconut nests, these are even easier and faster and most importantly, they are very good. Many of you will be struggling with the pastiera today, but if you have some time, come back here because in a while I'll give you another recipe :)


How to make chocolate and cereal nests

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan over low heat.

When it has melted, add the cereals and turn off the heat.

Gently mix so that the chocolate binds onto the sticks.

Spoon piles of cereals onto a plate covered with parchment paper and create a hollow inside.

Let it harden for a few minutes, then put 3 eggs in each basket, put in the fridge and let it cool.

Meanwhile, melt the white chocolate.

Add the corn flakes and turn off the heat, then stir gently.

Put the cereals in piles on parchment paper, create the hollow and insert the eggs. Put in the fridge to harden.

Remove the chocolate and cereal nests from the parchment paper and serve.

Cute, right?

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