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Salad With Red Cabbage

Salad With Red Cabbage

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Red cabbage salad recipe of 21-01-2018 [Updated on 22-01-2018]

Red cabbage salad, the latter also known as purple cabbage, is a fresh and very quick side dish to make. Its bright colors make the dish very cheerful and the tasting is really inevitable! If you have never bought red cabbage, well this could be the right occasion to bring it to the table in the form of a salad, I assure you that it is very good. I don't know where you come from, but it's raining heavily here, and since I have the puppy with some flu left over, I think we will spend Sunday in bed pajamas all day :) I'll leave you with the recipe and send a kiss to those who pass from here :*


How to make red cabbage salad

Divide the red cabbage in two and cut one half into strips.

Once cleaned and dried, transfer it to a bowl.
Now add a washed and cut apple and the remaining ingredients.
Then turn around.

Your red cabbage salad is ready to serve.

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