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The peposo it is a typical Tuscan recipe, in particular from impruneta, it is one Tuscan stew made without fat and cooked in an earthenware saucepan. The original recipe wants the peposo to be accompanied by cannellini beans or mashed potatoes. The recipe is very simple to prepare, but the important thing is to choose the right piece of meat and cook it over a long time. The biggest difficulty I encountered in the realization of this dish, was the plating, yes, because when I tasted this dish for the first time, they served it in a bit spartan way and I wanted to do better by putting a touch of color to the plate. Well I didn't succeed, and I served the peposo as it is, accompanying it only with croutons. The visual effect is not fantastic but the taste was very good;) So I leave you to the recipe and I wish you a good day: *


How to make the Peposo

Cut the beef muscle into chunks of the same size.

Transfer the meat to a bowl and add the crushed garlic cloves, salt, peppercorns and ground pepper, cover with red wine and leave to marinate for an hour.

After this time, transfer everything to a saucepan with a drizzle of oil and cook covered for 3 hours, over very low heat

Once cooked, serve the peposo accompanied with croutons.

Video: PEPOSO - Traditional Tuscan Beef u0026 Pepper Stew (May 2022).