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Fried tofu

Fried tofu

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Fried Tofu Recipe of of 20-10-2016 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Fried tofu is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy this much-used food in Asian cuisine but alas so snubbed in our kitchens. The pieces of tofu breaded and then fried and accompanied by a delicious sauce with an oriental flavor will win you over. I admit that when tasted absolute, tofu tastes very little, but I really like this cheese-not-cheese added to salads, prepared in this way instead becomes a really captivating dish, try it to believe;)
This is my second proposal for this day, if you try the recipe let me know if you liked it, I care;)


How to Make Fried Tofu

Open the package of tofu and leave the cheese on some absorbent paper so that it loses its liquid and dries well. Dab it with absorbent paper, then cut it into cubes.

In the meantime, prepare the accompanying sauce by mixing the sugar with the soy sauce, sesame seeds, chilli and chopped spring onion in a bowl.

Beat the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt, then pass the tofu first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs.

Heat plenty of seed oil and fry the tofu cubes in hot oil.

Once golden, lift it with a slotted spoon and place it on a plate with absorbent paper.
Serve the fried tofu accompanying it with its spicy sauce.